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Who are we?

Entre Vecinos [Among Neighbors]

...we can make life better for our communities.

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A Kendall County field of bluebonnets

Right now, nearly one of every four residents of Kendall County is Hispanic. Within 15 years, it will be one of every three. 

This is our home, and we contribute greatly to it. It is vitally important that our cities and our county reflect, respect, and represent the Latino community that is building them - and that "Entre Vecinos" [Among Neighbors] we help each other to advance.

"Entre Vecinos" we get together monthly to support each other, to learn about topics that are important to our community, and to talk about opportunities and ideas to improve the quality of life for our families and those around us. Some of the topics we talk about include:
  • Health: access and coverage
  • Employment: rights and protections
  • Education: resources for students and families
  • Immigration: programs and rights
  • Housing and the local changes that affect it
  • Citizenship: opportunities and process
  • The economy: public and family
  • Civic participation and voting
We invite you to follow our updates on this site, and to join us for upcoming meetings. If you have questions, reach out to us at


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