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Summary of our April meeting

phone by raindog808 under license CC-BY 2.0
This past Thursday, we talked by phone about the needs that are being seen in our community in the midst of the changes caused by this pandemic. Here is a summary of some of the main topics we discussed.

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Food: We talked about the food needs experienced by those in our community who are left without work. There have been some food distributions in our area, but sometimes it's tough for people to find out about those opportunities in advance. On the Entre Vecinos website, we have a list of local organizations that help with food and other basic needs -- let's share that information with our neighbors.

Housing: Some have also been unable to pay their rent. It's important to inform our neighbors that if they receive a "Notice to Vacate", that notice doesn't mean they have to leave their house. It may be the first step in the legal process of eviction, but in that moment they still have a chance to offer a payment plan or get help, because an eviction does not take effect until it is ordered by a judge.

Scams: Right now, when people are dealing both with a new pandemic and new economic realities, is a moment of great risk of scams. On our website, we share important information about how to recognize some common frauds and scams, how to protect oneself, and what to do immediately if one suspects a scam.

Face masks: Now that the public health authorities are recommending the use of cloth masks when going out in public, lots of people are looking for comfortable, washable face masks for their families, and some are sewing masks to sell, or to give to neighbors. On our website, we share instructions for sewing cloth face masks, with a sewing machine or with needle and thread. We also share instructions for making quick face coverings without sewing, using bandannas or t-shirts.

We will continue publishing new information on the Entre Vecinos website. We invite you to subscribe to that site to be notified by email when new information comes out.


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