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Local weekly update #4 on COVID-19

This week, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) began to recommend the use of cloth face coverings when people go out in public.

A summary of the most important local updates this week related to COVID-19:

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  • Monday, April 6: There are nine confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kendall County. All cases are of people who travelled outside of our area, or people who live with them; so far there are no cases of "community transmission."
  • Tuesday, April 7: Boerne mayor Tim Handren, talks with pastor Jason Brown of Nineteen:Ten Church, about the importance of celebrating Easter at home this year, even if it's difficult. 
  • Wednesday, April 8: Of the nine Kendall County cases, now six have recovered from the illness. None so far have required hospitalization.
  • Thursday, April 9: Although seven cases have now recovered, today the tenth confirmed Kendall County case of COVID-19 was announced.
  • Thursday, April 9: Tim Handren, mayor of Boerne, talks with Boerne ISD trustee Rich Sena about the adaptations our schools have made during the pandemic.


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