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Local weekly update #2 on COVID-19

Image by Myriam Zilles on Pixabay
A summary of the most important local updates this week related to COVID-19:

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  • Monday, March 23: Boerne mayor Tim Handren issues a new emergency declaration, ordering the closure of all non-essential businesses. The order includes a list of those businesses and functions considered essential. It was clarified that these measures only applied within Boerne City Limits.
  • Wednesday, March 25: the third case of COVID-19 is confirmed in Kendall County. The City of Boerne modifies its emergency declaration to ask that residents who return from travel to any area with high COVID-19 risk put themselves in self-quarantine, isolating themselves from others as much as possible, for at least 14 days. The city also offers a list of things residents should and should not do under the emergency declaration.
  • Thursday, March 26: County Judge Darrel Lux advises that the original County emergency declaration will remain in effect until at least April 3, and that it now includes penalties for violators. Boerne ISD announces that its schools will remain closed until April 24, and offers more details about education during that period.
  • Friday, March 27: Residents are notified that there are now six confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kendall County.
  • Sunday, March 29: County Judge Darrel Lux advises that although the County does not have the same restrictions as the City of Boerne, residents should employ all precautions recommended by public health authorities. In particular, he advises that children as well as adults should remain at home and not congregate, to reduce the risk of contagion.
Also this week, Boerne mayor Tim Handren published a number of videos in YouTube and Facebook Live to keep residents up-to-date on the situation. This week's videos appeared on:


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