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Get To Know the Primary Candidates

The primaries are quickly approaching, so it’s time to study the primary ballot so we’re ready to vote with confidence when we step into the booth.

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Remember that you while you cannot use a mobile device such as a smartphone in the voting booth, you can use notes on paper, or a sample ballot, to help you make your selections — so don’t hesitate to pick up or print out the sample ballot, spend time filling it out, and take it with you to the polls.

One helpful tool for evaluating and choosing candidates is the Vote411 Personalized Ballot from the League of Women Voters. On that website, you can:

  • Enter your address
  • Choose your party and language
  • Compare candidates for each race on your ballot, based on their answers to standard questions from the League of Women Voters
  • Select a candidate in each race
  • Get a link to your list of candidate selections sent to you by email or text message, so you can print them out


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