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"Plática Entre Vecinos" 2/20/2020: Local government

In our monthly "Plática Entre Vecinos" for the month of February, Kevin Henning, chair of the Kendall County Democratic Party, walked us through the people and functions that are part of our local governments -- primarily that of the County, but also a little about the Boerne City government. [ Leer en español ] This presentation informed us about who are the people responsible for the different government functions on which we depend, and we talked about the ways in which we can influence and participate in the local government decisions that affect us so much. Below you can see the slide deck that Kevin prepared for his presentation. You can flip through the slide deck using the controls at the bottom of the viewer below. You can hit the “full-screen” button in the lower right corner of the viewer to view them larger, or tap the menu button next to that to download the slide deck, either as a PowerPoint file, or as a PDF. Thank you very much to Kevin for his

"Plática Entre Vecinos" February 2020

Dear neighbors: We invite you to join us once again for a "Plática Entre Vecinos" this week, on the topic of local government. Local government units are very important for our daily lives, but often we don't know who serves us in those offices, nor what their responsibilities are. What questions do we have, and what changes do we want to see, in the way our county, cities, and schools work? How can we get answers to those questions, and achieve those changes for our communities? [ Leer en español ] Date: Thursday, February 20, 2020 Time: 7:00 p.m. Place: Democratic Headquarters in Boerne, 518 E Blanco Rd (enter by the rear door of the Mary's Tacos building) Guest: Kevin Henning, Chair of the Democratic Party of Kendall County Topic: How local government works in Kendall County, and how to participate in it I also want to remind you about three important opportunities in the coming weeks: Early voting for the primary elections begins this Tuesday, Fe

Get To Know the Primary Candidates

The primaries are quickly approaching, so it’s time to study the primary ballot so we’re ready to vote with confidence when we step into the booth. [ Leer en español ] Remember that you while you cannot use a mobile device such as a smartphone in the voting booth, you can use notes on paper, or a sample ballot, to help you make your selections — so don’t hesitate to pick up or print out the sample ballot, spend time filling it out, and take it with you to the polls. One helpful tool for evaluating and choosing candidates is the Vote411 Personalized Ballot from the League of Women Voters. On that website, you can: Enter your address Choose your party and language Compare candidates for each race on your ballot, based on their answers to standard questions from the League of Women Voters Select a candidate in each race Get a link to your list of candidate selections sent to you by email or text message, so you can print them out

Get Ready for the Texas Primaries

It’s almost time for the Texas primary elections — our chance to make our voices heard in the process to select our nominees for the critical 2020 elections. Make your preparations now, so you’ll be ready to go when it’s time to head to the polls, starting Tuesday, February 18! [ Leer en español ] Check out this guide with details on how to get prepared: Prepare your candidate choices, Make your voting plan, Bring your crew with you, and Cast your vote with confidence! Early voting will be from February 18-28, and Election Day will be March 3.

The Census, Resources and Representation

A complete count in Census 2020 benefits all of us. The Census counts everyone who lives here regardless of age or status. It’s easy, quick, and safe. [ Leer en español ] Luke Rosenberger wrote a commentary for the "Progressive Views" column of the January 31, 2020 issue of the Boerne Star. We invite you to read the complete commentary online .